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Teaching and Learning Through Technology

Technology Standards
Building technology use on a foundation of research-based standards is the key to successful technology integration. These include
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Teachers
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students
Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) in Technology
The Technology Resource Teacher (TRT) and Technology Assistant (TA)
Technology in and of itself will not promote student achievement. It is the thoughtful use of technology by teachers and students that can have an impact on student achievement. Changing the way teachers engage students in the learning process is crucial to the effective use of technology and ultimately to the development of a life-long habit and desire for learning. To support teachers in this endeavor, each school has a Technology Resource Teacher (TRT) and one or more Technology Assistants (TA) who, working as a team with others, collaborate with teachers to develop engaging lessons and responsible use of technology.

The TRT is an experienced teacher who has either completed or is in the process of completing a masters degree. The TRT manages the technology resources in the school, provides workshops and just-in-time training, models effective strategies for teachers, and teams with teachers as they plan and adopt new tools and strategies. The TRT also consults with teachers individually to meet specific classroom needs and individual initiatives. As a building-level professional developer, the TRT fills six staff development roles as articulated in the TRT Performance Standards. As Loudoun continues to hone its use of traditional technologies and adopt new ones, the professional development of the TRT community is key.

Professional Development (PD) Programs
Loudoun has a robust professional development program that provides opportunities for professional growth and improvement, always designed with student achievement as the outcome. These include year-round, face-to-face and online workshops and courses available to all staff; administrative technology leadership; teacher induction and mentor programs.
Loudoun's VITAL - Administrative and Technology Leadership helps administrators lead and manage the systemic whole school change processes; support effective professional development; attain knowledge of technology and student learning; create and maintain school improvement plans that embed technology; facilitate the effective integration of technology.

TRT PD Program - This robust PD program for the TRT's provides myriad opportunities for TRT's to grow in their knowledge of hardware and software, effective instructional design strategies, and in their abilities as staff developers. Opportunities include courses, workshops, study groups, conference attendance, summer institutes, the TRT Share Fair, resource subscriptions, and more.
TA PD Program - A PD program that provides workshops for the TA's to be able to grow in their knowledge and use of specific hardware and software.
Conference Presentations
Technology Resource Teachers and other staff present at numerous national and state conferences.  Click here for a list of presentations at ActivLoudoun Plus 2013, Loudoun's own technology conference.
Virtual PD Centers and Classrooms
A Course Content Management System, VISION, provides virtual PD centers allowing curriculum supervisors and teachers to share resources, communicate through discussions, and build strong learning communities without fighting traffic and schedule constraints. VISION also provides virtual classrooms to augment face-to-face classroom.

Last Modified on August 16, 2011