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  Communication is the key to all successful relationships.
Today, January 30th is Jersey day.  Please where your favorite jersey.
During snow days material sent home at the beginning of the year can be utilized.  Schedules will be modified as necessary. Information was provided at back to school night and during conferences so your students are prepared with the material they need to study.  Please refer to the bottom of the page for any additional information.
Dr. Robinson - 4th Grade  - Please read the bottom of the page.  Thank you for letting me teach your children this year, it is an amazing gift to share.

In our classroom, we will utilize 21st century skills daily.  Your child will share daily what they learn through technology any time, any-where.Hopefully your child has worked in dream box all summer as this is a program we will utilize a great deal. They will show you how to go on virtual field trips learning about Virginia history.  Most evenings your child will need to complete an assignment on the computer.  They will electronically forward that assignment to me.  This helps them embrace digital communication in a safe, flexible, effective environment. All students are assigned a number in class.  The assigned number will be used for these submissions.  They never need to put their names on any of these assignments. 

The students will create presentations with animation and sound. Please encourage them to use excel and word as this continues to afford students with opportunities in and out of class to apply technology to develop skills, design and facilitate meaningful learning experiences, thereby encouraging students to create, problem solve, communicate, collaborate, and use real-world skills. 

The goal in our classroom is for each student to become a confident, life-long, independent learner, growing to his or her fullest potential. 

Rosa Lee Carter School is a Positive Behavior Intervention School.  We support the three paws of respecting self, property and others at all time. As a school, we have many initiatives that recognize students who are modeling this behavior. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.  The success of our classroom comes from open communication and modeling the skills we want students to embrace. I believe it will be a great year and I look forward to working with each of you! 
Monday = PE
Tuesday = Music, Library
Wednesday = Computer Lab, Music
Thursday = Art
Friday = PE
Most students need to practice writing their math facts 3-5 times.   
Please work on multiplication facts, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 are difficult for many of the students.  Thank you for your support.
Homework:  Look for information further down the page for your individual student.
SS song

Homework routine:
20 minutes reading - for every book read in Raz-kids you need to complete a quiz
10 minutes math - Dream box, Jefferson Labs, math vocabulary, math facts
20 minutes Virginia studies- SOL pass, vocabulary, refrigerator cards
10 minutes science - SOL pass, Jefferson Labs, refrigerator cards
PARENTS:  Please make sure your student is reviewing the science and social studies refrigerator cards and the interactive notebook.  We test this information every Friday.  Reviewing this information does show in their weekly quizzes. 
 Please remind students to do 90 minutes a week of dream box.  Thank you.
READ ALOUD 20 MINUTES EXTRA EACH EVENING TO ANOTHER PERSON.  Please remind your student to read to another person from now until winter break every evening.  Initial in the agenda if they have completed this each night.  There will be prizes for the students who do this challenge every evening.  Prizes will be given the day before winter break.  Thank you for your support.
WHISPER PHONES WENT HOME OCTOBER 21ST.  Please have your student practice reading aloud into the whisper phone.  These do need to be returned at the end of the school year as this is a teacher provided item provided by this specific teacher!  Have fun take a turn reading into the phone with your student.  When your student practices reading aloud, they are practicing fluency, rate, tone and voice.  These are important skills as research shows understanding increases as vocabulary increases.
Math facts:  Students should know place value, rounding, over and under estimation, we will be adding and subtracting using word problems. We are beginning double digit multiplication.  Please practice this topic at home.  The students should also know least common multiple, greatest common factor.  Please have students write there math facts 3-5 times or more if they are having difficulty remembering them.  At this time they should know their 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7,8 and 9 up to 12.  If they do not know this information please make sure they are writing them on notebook paper and turning them into the homework bin.  LCM least common multiple and GCF greatest common factor  students are struggling with this topic please practice at home. 
Sample LCM  of  6 and 10   is 30 you write out all the sums up to 12 for both 6 and 10 and circle the lowest one in common. Sample 6x1, 6x2, .....
Sample of common factors of 8 and 24 is 1,2, 4, 8 You need to write out all the factors in both numbers and circle the common ones.  For GCF it is 8 as this is in both numbers and is the largest number. 
Thank you. 
Virginia Studies:  This quarter we will know the entire first, second, third, fourth page of Virginia Studies refrigerator cards.  VS 10b, 2a -VS6c,  in the Virginia studies text pages 1-202, by the end of this marking period 1-282.  Students are beginning to work on 5a and have completed 10b, 2a-4d. Students also use their interactive notebooks which has a great deal of information.  The text and the interactive notebook will be placed in students backpacks daily as the weather begins to get bad.  Please make sure these items come to and from school.  Please make sure your child is learning this information.  Thank you for your support. 
Science:  At this time all students should know the scientific process, natural resources, solar system, moon phases and the weather card .  Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions please ask.
Look on the overview page as directions for the wax museum are located under a tab that says Wax Museum.  
Quizzes for Friday January 16th Changes are being made due to students needing more practice.
Math - Division Many students did very poorly on this last week this will not be a quiz grade but a classroom work grade.  Please remind your student even if we are out in order to stay on pacing with the county we need to practice at home on snow days.  Thank you.
Virginia Studies - American Revolution and New Nation Students are struggling with this information please have them tell you the story of the revolution and the beginning of the United States
Please have your student use Dream Box and Raz-kids nightly.  The technical difficulties we had with Raz-kids are resolved.  Thank you for your patience.  Our SGA testing will be next week.  Math will consist of all the topics we have covered for the year.  Please look above.  Students should be reminded to highlight where they locate their answers as they respond to questions.
Thank you for all the support you are providing your student.
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