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     Communication is the key to all successful relationships.
We will not have a snack time during the day, lunch time is 11:05am.  Please help your child to eat a good breakfast. 
Words to know:  capital resources, plantation, architecture, customs, migration, contaminated, relocation, agriculture, cash crop, dependence   These are the words we have been discussing in class.
Please feel free to attend the Literacy Parade on Friday morning. 
All other forms are up and in your students are now registered for digital passport and raz-kids!!! Please let me know they are accessing this info 
As we continue into Personalized Learning the students will switch to ALEKS for math and Achieve 3000 for reading  when working on ALEKS or Achieve 3000,
Math problems need to be worked out in the math notebook, all problems need to be explained.  Reading students need to log all articles into their reading notebook.  Thank you for the support you are providing at home. 
MY EMAIL ADDRESS:  Please if you have additional question reach out to me. If you do not put the .M. in my name I will not receive the email.  We do have more then one Sherri Robinson at LCPS.
Welcome to another wonderful year at Rosa Lee Carter! I am looking forward to working with you, your child and the fourth grade students! My goal this year will be to continue to develop your child into a lifelong, independent learner.
I am excited about starting my 10th year at Rosa Lee Carter. Our classroom will be participating in Personalized Learning and BYOT this year.  Please remind your child to charge their device each evening to be ready to start the day.  If you have any questions, please refer to the BYOT page off of the main Rosa Lee Carter web-page, or contact Mrs. Homer our chief technology expert, or myself.
I look forward to working with you and your child.  



Necessary Items:

We do try to go outside as much as possible, please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for this activity.
Each child should always have 4 READING BOOKS at school at all times.  1 Chapter Book (for fun) 1 Non-fiction Book (it can be on any topic they would like to learn more about 2 Free choices at their Just Right Level.  These books should change weekly!  If you have any books you would like to donate to the classroom or leave for your child's enjoyment, please put their name in it, and feel free to bring them with the supplies for the year.  Remember Gum Spring Library is just around the corner.

Homework Routine Every Night:   
Routine: We have the same routine daily and through out the year.  If you have football, dance and art class on Monday night modify the schedule to fit your life.  I try to do check ins on material every Friday to keep you informed of progress.  The routine is the same,  but the content changes as we make progress through the year.  Please feel free to look at Quarter Plans for content.  At back to school night ,you will also received study materials for the year.  Please setup a homework area for your child to become excited about learning!!!!! Please modify homework as you see necessary.

Reading          20 minutes
Math               20 minutes
VA Studies      10 minutes
Science           10 minutes 
PE:       Monday, Tuesday, Thursday sneakers, tennis shoes - students should have these access to these items daily as we do go outside for recess, and PE requires them
Music:  Tuesday, Friday
Art:       Wednesday 
Lunch:    11:05-11:35  
Futura - Wednesday 
Checkin Quiz usually take place every Friday - no checkins this week but makeups are available
Reading Reports due Friday - 
Math - Place value, compare and order identifying the value of a number, adding and subtracting with patterns, regrouping and borrowing, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division
Virginia Studies - Student should know right column first page of study guide, surrounding states, regions in order, bodies of water bordering Virginia, what a peninsula, relative location they do not need to know products and industries yet  but they will need it next week, students should now also know page 2 as we continue to learn the material, Jamestown, Colonization
Science - Study guide last page  Natural Resource page  (these should be review from 2nd and 3rd grade except the watersheds), solar system and earth, moon, sun 
Our Class is working toward Digital Citizenship. Here's how you can get to the link.   Digital Passport  Students should be at 100% in this information as it teaches them the internet security we want them to know.  I let them know daily where they are at in the percentage points per each topic.
Common Sense Media
 During the school year, Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School, will again be going through the process to become a Common Sense Media Certified School as well as having many of our teachers complete the requirements to be a Common Sense Media Certified Educator.
 The content of outside links is not controlled by Loudoun County Public Schools. While school staff review links when they are inserted, the content may change. If you find any linked home page content you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the building principal. Remember that the outside source Web page may link to other pages that have not been reviewed; explore at your own risk.”


Last Modified on November 16, 2016