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Your child might:


*Sort their words by the appropriate feature for the week. (ex. Long a and Long o)


*Find other words with the same spelling pattern as your weekly spelling words and make a list.  

*Look for your Spelling words and features in magazines and newspapers.  Glue them onto a sheet of paper and make a poster.


*Make spelling triangles with their words.


*Write their words using red for vowels and blue for consonants.


*Use scrabble tiles to spell their words


*Write each word on two index cards and play Concentration (memory).


*Use alphabet macaroni or alphabet cereal to practice their words.


*Find creative ways to illustrate some of the words.


*Type the words on the computer. Change color or font—anything to make it more fun!


*Make a word search with the words.


*Write them fancy with marker or crayon.


*Write each word in a sentence. Circle the nouns and underline the verbs.


*Use magnet letters to practice spelling the words.


*Write the words in creative ways: bubble letters, block letters, different colors for vowels and consonants. 


*Have your students think of other words that use the same feature being studied and write both the spelling words and the new words in a column.


*Write your words in ABC order.


*List your words under nouns, verbs, and adjectives.


*Use all of your words in a story called One Crazy Day or make up your own.


*Go to and use the program to practice your words.