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Small Group Counseling at NLE
We offer small group counseling based on the needs of our students. Small groups are ongoing throughout the school year, so be in touch if a need arises that you would like to discuss.  Students that participate in small group counseling will get "skill reinforcement" notes sent home so that you can be practicing the skills we learn at school in the home setting.  This will help ensure that students are able to transfer the skills they learn in multiple settings.   Print Small Group Form 
Self-Concept (AKA- "Girl Power" and "Boy Power") for grades 3-5
    Topics covered in this group include identifying student strengths, assertiveness skills for managing conflicts, coping with feelings appropriately, friendship -  making sure you choose friends wisely, decision-making skills, healthy habits at school/home, "accurate thinking" skills (versus positive/negative thinking).
Life Skills (friendship/social skills)
   Resolving conflicts, joining in to a group activity, making and keeping friends, coping with feelings appropriately, goal-setting, chances for skill practice at recess, lunch and in the classroom.

Coping with Anger
    Making appropriate choices to deal with anger and frustration.  This group involves learning various "chill skills" such as taking a "one-minute vacation", get moving, get creative, positive self-talk, "making lemonade", counting, and taking deep breaths. We will use role-playing, problem solving with age-appropriate scenarios and plenty of practice to make sure students in the group have a comfort level with the strategies.
Changing Families (Divorce, separation, blended families, deployment, and other transitions)
Families that are experiencing special circumstances involving a significant transition can contact the counselor with their concerns in order to work together to decide what type of intervention would be most beneficial according to your situation.
School Success and Executive Functioning Skills
Success can look different for every student.  For this reason we work very closely with your child's teacher to make sure we are tailoring the small group to meet their specific needs. Along with skills such as time management, active listening, and following directions, we will cover topics in the category of executive functions such as avoiding distractions, shifting attention, impulse control, planning and organizing, considering the consequences of our actions, etc.
Page updated October 5, 2015