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SOL Practice - Social Studies
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Geography Activities
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Mali Photo Gallery

Fifth Grade Resources


Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government

Magical Mali

Explorers for Kids

Sugarland Elementary School Resources

Continents & Oceans Hangman

Ben’s Guide: Branches of Government

Mali Scavenger Hunt

Jacques Cartier

Fourth Grade Resources


Map Skills

Citizenship Quiz

Mali Website


Sugarland Elementary School Resources

Geography Pop Ups

White House for Kids

Mali Millionaire Game

Explorers Quiz

Third Grade Resources

Continents Game

Match up

Mali Mud Cloth Site

Economics Terms Quiz

Sugarland Elementary School Resources


Rome Online Activities


Famous Americans Hangman

Rome Odyssey

Second Grade Resources


SOL Pass

SOLmate - 3, 4 & 5 Math & History 

Sugarland Elementary School Resources

Holidays Match Up

State Games

Holidays in Order




First Grade Resources


Ancient Civilizations Match Up

Ancient China and Egypt

Interactive Atlas

Ancient Architecture

Sugarland Elementary School Resources


The Fifty States

Plymouth Activity

SOL Mania

Kindergarten Resources

Virginia SOL's - Virginia Social Studies

Jamestown Online Adventure

Indians of Virginia

Iditarod Sled Dog Site

Sugarland Elementary School Resources

Eastern Woodlands Cloze


Virginia Geography

Geography of Virginia


Nations and their capitals 2nd Grade

Jeopardy review

Ancient Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and Mali

Mr. Donn's Ancient Greece



 Columbus and Ponce de Leon CLOZE

SOL Links

Ancient Greece

Social Science Games



Miscellaneous Test Taking Information and Activities

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