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Welcome to the Tolbert Read/Write Web
As a part of our instructional program, students will be using a moderated web log to share articles, have discussions, and collaborate with others.


A web log is a type of website that provides more dynamic content and interactivity than a traditional website. Loudoun County Public School’s web logs are spaces to explore learning, discuss issues related to the education of our students, and make connections with the community. All LCPS web logs must follow all Loudoun County Public School Web Content Guidelines with the following considerations. Students will use the web log tool at school and may also post from home. Parents may also post a comment if they would like.

Identity (use of name):  Students could be referenced by their first name or an unrelated name. No last names will be used.

As a part of the LCPS Internet Guidelines, no name will be typed next to a photograph or video. Only teachers can post photos or videos.


Tolbert Web Log Guidelines

  • Topics will be related to educational and curricular issues.    
  • Content will be written respectfully.
  • All comments will be moderated or screened by the teacher before the teacher approves them for posting. Inappropriate, off topic, vulgar and profane comments shall not be approved for posting. Email addresses and private web site addresses will be removed from all comments. Teachers read and approve all postings and have full control for allowing or not allowing postings.

    Students will be taught how to post to our Tolbert Web Logs and internet safety will also be reviewed. We are looking forward to this interactive opportunity for our students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Briggs at and at the school at 571-252-2870.
To post a comment, students should not use their last names.  
Last Modified on March 13, 2013