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  Interested in other PTSO Fundraisers???
Click here to access information on how you can purchase Briar Woods Car Magnets and Briar Woods LED Flashlights through PTSO!!

**Giant Foods A+ Bonus Card**
Every time you shop with your Bonus Card at Giant, you will be helping Briar Woods earn cash. Remember, you can share the wealth and link several schools IF you have a student at Eagle Ridge or another elementary school. Each fall; however, you MUST re-designate your school(s) of choice. Our school code is 05301. Long onto or sign up at the customer service desk. In the summer, Briar Woods PTSO will receive a check from Giant.

**Harris Teeter Grocery Store Helps Out Schools**
Tell the cashier during check out that you want Briar Woods #5980 linked to your Harris Teeter VIC Card. Then, every time you shop, 5% of your private label purchases will be contributed by Harris Teeter to the Mighty Falcons!
Last Modified on November 1, 2007