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Copyright and Bilbiography Information

Bibliography Information

Noodletools (research help)
Writing a Bibliography - MLA Style

Citation Machine

“How to” for citations, research, etc.


Copyright  Information

Copyright for Educators
collection of copyright links

The Educators' Lean and Mean No FAT Guide to Fair Use
This guide presents information on Copyright and Fair Use for Educators. Take the 20-Questions Fair Use Copyright Quiz to find out if you know copyright laws.

Copyright In an Electronic Environment
These copyright guidelines are from the Consortium of College and University Media Centers in North Carolina.

Copyright and K-12: Who Pays In the Network Era?
David H. Rothman, a member of the Consortium for School Networking, describes how current and proposed copyright laws may affect K-12 networking.

A Crash Course in Copyright


Tips for Searching

Michael's Internet Finding Tips
Michael Botos, a Connected University guide, has prepared this page with handy search tips. This is a fun, student-friendly page of hints for getting the most out of the Web.

Internet for Kids: Search Tips
Find out the best way to start a search and find almost anything on the Web.

ADAM: Boolean Search Tips
This site illustrates the mechanics and properties of a Boolean search.

Search Engine Tutorial for School Webmasters
The Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers explains how to design your Web site with the search engines in mind, and why it is necessary to do so.

Searching the Internet: Recommended Sites and Search Techniques
 This site explores the unique search capabilities of different search engines to help you search the Web with more efficiency.