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High School - Online Resources
All of these subscription databases and services can be accessed from school without the need to log in. From home, however, you will need to use a login name and/or password for most of them. LCPS students are given a printed brochure each year containing this information, and it's available on the district's intranet web site under Instruction->Instructional Services->Library Media Services. You can also ask your school Librarian or TRT and they will be happy to tell you.


American History

World History (Ancient and Medieval Eras)

World History (The Modern Era)

United States Geography

Pop Culture Universe  

 Britannica School Edition 


CQ Researcher

EBSCOhost Research Databases

Poetry and Short Story Reference Center

Science Reference Center

Professional Databases 


(Use your network log in and password)
       Gale Databases (full list)


             Biblioteca TumbleBook  (Spanish)

Click the Encyclopedia link for a full list of available encyclopedias.

Click on the above link to go to a list of the databases arranged in subject categories.

Last Modified on May 9, 2013