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Please read the following information and directions carefully before submitting your application. The link for the application form follows the directions.   


Mission Statement: The mission of the LCPS Academy of Science is to provide an academic environment where students are encouraged to develop creative scientific endeavors of their own design, while having the opportunity to pursue a rich, well-rounded high school experience.


Description of Program: The Academy of Science (AOS) is a magnet program open to all students who are residents of Loudoun County. The cornerstone of science preparation is a ninth/tenth grade integrated science program, which blends the physical sciences of physics, chemistry and earth science into a seamless, inquiry based lab course in preparation for advanced coursework. The goal of the lab program is student designed investigations coupled to an in-depth writing/scoring rubric. In addition, sophomores begin instruction in basic research technique to be followed by two years of research in a topic of their choosing. The Math program offers courses from Algebra and Trigonometry through Multivariable Mathematics. All courses have a heavy component of statistics and modeling and are taught in terms of practical application in order to coincide with the science program. Students attend the AOS on alternating days, taking science, math, and research courses at the Academy and all other subjects at their home school on the opposite day. This schedule enables students to maintain involvement in academic and extra-curricular activities at their home school while participating in a research-based challenging math and science program. 


Residency:  All applicants to the Academy of Science, mustat the time of application, live with a parent or legal guardian who resides full time in Loudoun County.

  NEW for 2014-15:  We will be using a tiered admission process 
               • Students who are interested in applying to the AOS for admission for Fall 2015 must submit Part I of the AOS
                 Application for Admission no later than THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th at 11:59 p.m., and take the PSAT on                  Saturday  October 18th,  2014.   
               •Only students identified as Finalists will proceed to Part II 
                    • Finalists will be determined by the PSAT score
                    • Approximately one-third of applicants will become Finalists
                    • Finalists will be notified by letter no later than January 5th, 2015. 
              • Finalists will be required to:
                    • Complete Part II of the Application for Admission
                    • Report for the writing prompt on January 17th, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at Dominion High School
                     •AOS will request letters of recommendation from Finalist's science and math teachers 


Admission Criteria: Finalists' applications are reviewed holistically using the following criteria:


·   Middle School Transcript and Grade 8 mid-year report card. 


·   PSAT: The PSAT, a national assessment that measures student’s critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills, is the standardized test required for application to the Academy of Science. The skills measured by the PSAT are consistent with skills necessary for success as a student at the Academy of Science. All applicants must take this test.  Students who are ill or unable to take the PSAT on October 18th must register to take the SAT in November  or December, and provide an official score report to the AOS office.  Registration information and directions for the SAT can be found at  
· Writing Sample: Students selected as finalists will complete two writing prompts on Saturday January 17th, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. 


· Successful Completion of Algebra I: Current eighth grade students must successfully complete Algebra I with a grade of B (or better) before the end of the current school year. All ninth grade AOS students are enrolled in AOS Analytical Geometry and Functions with Transformations; students who attend the AOS are expected to accelerate math courses through Geometry.


· Teacher Recommendations: Students selected as finalists will be required to request two recommendations; one from the eighth grade science teacher, and one from the eighth grade math teacher. 


· Responses to Application Questions: There are six short response questions in this application packet. Please answer them concisely and completely. Please limit your responses to the space provided. No attachments will be expected.


· Interview:  An interview may be requested by the Admission Committee as part of the selection process. 


Students enrolled in eighth grade during the 2014-15 academic year who wish to apply to the LCPS Academy of Science must submit a completed Part I application no later than the posted deadline of September 25, 2014.   Part I will be available online on Monday August 11th,  2014.

1. Applicants to the LCPS Academy of Science must log into the LCPS webpage at to register and obtain an account password. Applicants will use this log in to access the application. If an applicant is under the age of 13, we suggest that you substitute the parent’s date of birth in order to obtain a username/password. To register, applicants should sign in at (Click on "SIGN IN" on the dark blue channel at the top of the page), then proceed to the link below to complete Part I of the application. 

2. In order to complete this application you must submit Part I of the application and complete the payment process. By completing Part I of the AOS Application for Admissions you will be registered for the PSAT. Part I must be submitted no later than September 25, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. The PSAT testing is scheduled for Saturday October 18th at 8:00 a.m. at Dominion High School. 

3. The cost for the PSAT is $20. You may pay by credit card using the LCPS Portal (there will be a small service charge) or by giving a check to the bookkeeper at your LCPS middle school. To access the Payment Portal, please go to and follow the instructions to submit payment.  

4. Please be sure to complete the application as well as the payment process. 

5. You should plan to complete this application in one sitting. In addition to identifying information (name, address, email address, phone number) you will be asked to provide the name of your school counselor, and your current mathematics and science teachers. 

6.   When you have completed the application, click on "DONE" to submit your application. After submitting your application you will see a message on the screen confirming our receipt of your application. It is STRONGLY recommended that you print and retain a copy of this screen for your records. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY CONFIRMATION OF YOUR COMPLETION OF PART I OF THE AOS APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION. Please do not call the Academy of Science office to request confirmation of our application.  

Last Modified on September 22, 2014