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First Quarter Targets
· Writing:  Writing Workshop Note Taking, Journals, Writing Process, Graphic Organizers, Writing to a Prompt, Research Summary Report, Analytic Writing, and Creative Writing

Check out- "How to Write a Narrative Essay" @


· Grammar: Review Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure and Sentence Parts

· Vocabulary: Word Reference Resources, Prefixes/ Suffixes

· Reading Strategies: Reading Workshop, Pre-Reading, Context Clues, Summarizing, Main Idea, Selecting Informational Resources

· Literature Exploration-Literary Elements- Setting, Characters and Characterization, Plot, Conflict,Theme,Independent Reading- 1 full-length non-fiction work, Classroom Reading- 1 full-length work taught, Interactive Reader, Figurative Language

· Word Study: Units and Application
Classroom Discussions- Large and small groups, Evaluate Participation of Self and Others

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