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Dear Event/Program Chairperson,

Thank you for volunteering your time to lead one of RBMS’s PTA event or program this year.  This is a packet designed to give you some information on our financial process and policy.  Also included in this document are references two forms that you or your team members are likely to use.  You may obtain additional copies of these two forms from the RBMS PTA Website.

  • RBMS PTA Reimbursement/Payment Request - use this form to get reimbursed for expenses related to your program.
  • RBMS PTA Deposit Request – use this form to deposit money your event or program generated for the PTA.
If at any time, you have questions or encountered situations that are not covered by this packet, please feel free to contact the Treasurer or any of the Executive Board members.  Contact information for this year’s PTA officers can be found on the RBMS Website.

Best Regards,

Julie G. Fambro

Julie Gilmore Fambro

RBMS PTA President


Your Program or Event:                          __________________________________

Date of the Program/Event:                     __________________________________

Expense Budget:                                  $___________________

Income Target:                                      $___________________

Recommended Financial Procedures for Program and Event Chairpersons:

1.       Review your budget and estimate the cost of your program.  Request the PTA to adjust it if necessary.  The initial budget is set based on historical data if it is available.

2.       As a chairperson, you are responsible for the overall costs of the program or event you are chairing.  Contact last year’s chairperson to get additional information on how to organize your event or program if necessary.

3.       Submit your expense reimbursement request as soon as possible. Keep all receipts as they are required for reimbursement.  Please note PTA’s policy of not reimbursing expenses from previous fiscal year so don’t wait past the summer to request payment.  PTA fiscal year is from 7/1 to 6/30.

4.       Do not leave large amounts of money at the school overnight.

5.       Check cash payment for toy (fake) currency. 

6.       Total the money collected immediately after a program or event.  For a multi-day event, doing a daily sub-total can minimize the amount of work necessary at the end.

7.       Submit to PTA a simple Income/Expense report and a recommendation if any, for improvement for next year.

8.       All print material and flyers must be approved by the PTA President and School Principal.  A copy of the material must be signed on the back by both the PTA President and School Principal and kept on file with the PTA Secretary.


Reimbursement or payment Instructions:

1.       Use the RBMS PTA Reimbursement/Payment Request form. 

2.       Attach receipts or if a receipt is not available, attach a note explaining why the receipt is missing, that you received materials, and that you have paid for the materials.  If this is a payment request, please submit a quote or invoice from the supplier.

3.       Drop off the completed request at the RBMS School office and place in the Treasurers inbox.

4.       The request will be reviewed and the check should be ready in two weeks as long as the reimbursement request is within the budgeted amount.

5.       If you need petty cash in advance of your event, submit a petty cash form to the Treasurer two weeks prior to the event.


Deposit Instructions:

1.       Tally the money received and fill out a RBMS PTA Deposit Request form. 

2.       If you have large number of checks and you are comfortable using a spreadsheet, it is ok to do your accounting in a spreadsheet.  Simply attach a spreadsheet printout to the deposit request instead of filling out the deposit request by hand.  When you submit the deposit request, please also submit a copy of the spreadsheet.

3.       Never hold PTA funds over night.  Funds must be given to the Treasurer at the conclusion of the event.

4.       The Treasurer will notify you if there are any problems with checks received.

RBMS PTA Financial Policies

General Policies:

1.       PTA funds may not be used to purchase personal gifts.

2.       Know the budget for your event/project.  Expenditures above the budget must be approved by the PTA membership prior to spending.

3.       All PTA bills must be paid by check - not cash.  You may submit a request to be reimbursed or to pay for expenses related to approved activities and/or materials.

PTA Payment and Expense Reimbursement Policy

1.       RBMS PTA will reimburse expenditure or pay for approved PTA programs and events only. 

2.       The List of Approved PTA Expense is based on the PTA budget.  The budget for each school year will be voted on at the first PTA Membership Meeting in September.  The approved budget is posted in an accessible area in school and a copy kept on file in the PTA Budget binder in the PTA office.

3.       Request for payment or reimbursement must be submitted in writing using the RBMS PTA Reimbursement/Payment Request.  Receipt or invoice must also be submitted.

4.       The Treasurer is authorized to make payments up to the budget for approved activities. 

5.       The Treasurer cannot make payment for an expenditure that exceeded its budget.  The Executive Board and the General Membership will have to give approval before reimbursement can occur.  The PTA may deny request for payment after reviewing the cause of cost overrun.

6.       Expenses incurred during the fiscal year must be reimbursed within that fiscal year.  RBMS PTA does not carry expenses into the next fiscal year.  Fiscal year for RBMS PTA is from July 1 to June 30.

Deposit to the PTA account

1.       Cash and checks collected on behalf of the PTA should be turn over to the Treasurer daily.

2.       A RBMS PTA Deposit Request from should be used for this purpose.

3.       The person making the deposit request is responsible to resolve any bad check received.  The Treasurer will contact the requestor if there is any problem with the deposit.

4.       Any bank fees resulting from a returned check should be collected from the party submitting the bounced check.

5.       PTA funds must not be kept over night.  The funds must be deposited immediately.

Last Modified on July 28, 2009