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Alexander, Mark E. Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Alt, Lara English Teacher
Benedict, James Science Teacher
Bolton, Kathy Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Bono, William World Languages and Cultures - Spanish Teacher
Bradford, Belle ELL Teacher
Breeden, Brenda Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Brown, Jarod Math Teacher
Brown, Justin Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Brown, Rick Administration - Assistant Principal
Brown, Susan A. Resource Teacher
Bullock, Tammy CTE - Business and IT Teacher
Burrows, Melissa Security - Safety and Security Specialist
Byrd, Malinda Support - Study Hall Monitor
Caccamo, Amy Resource Teacher
Cameron, Shirley Main Office-  Secretary
Campbell, Courtney Math Teacher
Carr, Karen Math Teacher
Carroll, Jenna ELL Teacher
Caruso, Joel Health and PE Teacher
Cassidy, Kate Assistant Athletic Director
Chandlee, Dan CTE - Technology Education Teacher
Chappell, Nichole Resource Teacher
Cody, Tracy English Teacher
Cohen, Jay Science Teacher
Craddock, Kate Technology - Instructional Technology Assistant
Croyle, Dan Guidance - Director
Dagstani, Tonya Library - Librarian
Daniel, Katie English Teacher
Daniel, Nicole Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
D'Arcangelis, Philip Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Davidson, Pam Resource Teacher
Davis, Betty Math Teacher
Driver, Peggy Math Teacher
Egger, Valerie English Teacher
Eisenmann, Betty Guidance - Secretary
Evangelisto, Kathleen Resource Teacher
Fiorilli, Lisa English Teacher
Forbes, Jessica Resource Teacher
Foust, Deanna CTE - NJROTC Instructor
Fowler, Jennifer Library - Teacher Assistant
Francis, Felicity Science Teacher
Fultz, Lyle "Chip" Resource Teacher
Garrison, Kathy Main Office-  Secretary
Gibson, Yuki World Languages and Cultures - German Teacher
Gill, Monica Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Gillespie, Jeremy  CTE - NJROTC Instructor
Goldstein, Andrea World Languages and Cultures - Spanish Teacher
Gordon, Adam Math Teacher
Hale, Kevin Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Hanger, Robert Science Teacher
Harden, Jessica Main Office - Principal's Secretary
Hardy, Nathalia English Teacher
Heanue, Muriel Administration - Assistant Principal
Heisey, Lindsey World Languages and Cultures - Sign Language
Hill, Todd Health and PE Teacher
Holmes, Victor Health and PE Teacher
Hopson, Amanda Resource Teacher
Hunter, Janet Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Ives, Kathryn English Teacher
Jackson, Bob Support - Plant Enginner
Jarrett, Michiko Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Jenkins, Kyla Fine Arts - Art Teacher
Kane, Taylor English Teacher
Keener, Mercedes  Main Office - Attendance Secretary
Kehr, Richard Support - Head Custodian
Kim, Moses Science Teacher
Krepich, Lynn World Languages and Cultures - Latin Teacher
Kuebler, Dorene CTE - FACS Teacher
Landers, Matthew World Languages and Cultures - Spanish Teacher
Lawrence, Ethan Fine Arts - Strings Teacher
Leonard, Stacie Science Teacher
Levy, Lisa English Teacher
Lewis, Arlene English Teacher
Locraft, Kathleen Guidance - Secretary
Luttrell, Michelle Administration - Principal
Lynch, Terry Resource Teacher
Mackey, Olivia Health and PE Teacher
Maines, Mark Math Teacher
Mason, Luke   Guidance - Counselor
McCauley, Terry Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
McKenzie, Elinor Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Michaels, Barbara Resource Teacher
Mitchum, Anna Support - Parent Liaison
Moinifar, Karen ELL Teacher
Moses, Michelle Resource Teacher
Moulds, Terri Science Teacher
Nerantzis, Shannon Nurse - School
Nicholson, Michelle Technology - Instructional Technology Resource
Noland, Michelle Library - Librarian
Novitch, Sue Technology - Instructional Technology Assistant
Olsen, Katia World Languages and Cultures - Spanish
Parke, Danielle Health and PE Teacher
Patterson, Mark Administration - Assistant Principal
Pellegrini, Michael Health and PE Teacher - Family Life Education
Pennington, Mark Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Perla, Rosa Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Petrella, Diane CTE - Business/Marketing Teacher
Piccolomini, John Resource Teacher
Pickering, Rhoda Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Post, Katie Math Teacher
Prince, Matthew Math Teacher
Rader, Toni English Teacher
Reifsnyder, Robert Security - Probation Officer
Ricci, Richard Math Teacher
Ridgeway, Debra Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Rives, Linda Main Office - Bookkeeper
Rosenfeld, William Fine Arts - Music Teacher
Ross, Robert Support - Study Hall Monitor
Rowley, Kathie Guidance - Counselor
Rudinsky, Gary Fine Arts - Art Teacher
Santos, Megan Athletic Trainer
Schauder, Stephanie Guidance - Counselor
Schonberger, Martha Resource Teacher
Schutte, Abby Math Teacher
Serrano, Carlos CTE - NJROTC Instructor
Sheehan, Kasee Guidance - Counselor
Shepherd, Judith Resource Teacher
Sheppard, Bruce Athletics - Director
Sheppard, Linda Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Shewbridge, Mary Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Shingler, Melinda English Teacher
Sibley, Amy World Languages and Cultures - Spanish Teacher
Signorelli, Jon Fine Arts - Music Teacher
Simms, Patricia Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Supcoe, Robert Health and PE Teacher
Taylor, Kristina Testing - Testing Coordinator
Thomas, Nancy Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Thompson, Pam Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Thompson, Samantha Resource Teacher
Torres, Erica Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Travis, Mark Science Teacher
Turner, Debbie Cafeteria - Manager
Urban, Kayla Science Teacher
Vahsen, Mel Math Teacher
Vipond, Cary Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Virts, Patricia CTE - Marketing Teacher
Voketaitis, Elaine Resource Teacher
Wagoner, Jana English teacher
Webster, Tracy Science Teacher
Weinstein, Michael Science Teacher
Wells, John Fine Arts - Drama Teacher
Wells, Travis Instructional - Teacher Assistant
West, Langston Guidance - Career Center Assistant
Wilburn, Adam CTE - Technology Education Teacher
Wiley, Angela English Teacher
Williams, Beth English Teacher
Williams, Steve Social Science and Global Studies Teacher
Wiseman, Debra Math Teacher
Wolff, Bill Security - School Resource Police Officer
Wolfgang, Christopher Resource Teacher
Yates, Mary Instructional - Teacher Assistant
Yocom, Jane Support - In-School Restriction Monitor
Young, Darron Fine Arts - Band Director/Teacher
Last Modified on January 20, 2016