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Urinetown: The Musical Callbacks
Please find your name under a particular character from Urinetown. For the callbacks, you will learn a cut of the song(s) assigned to each character. The accompaniment track with vocals and the accompaniment track without vocals are on the CD. Additionally, you can find the lyrics to each song in the pdf attached at the bottom of the page.
Pay close attention to the instructions listed on the pdf regarding dialogue, entrance time, etc. 
Bobby Strong 
Jacob Littman
Nick Trusty 
Run, Freedom, Run (dialogue and vocals) and Follow Your Heart (dialogue and vocals)
                                       00:06-00:55                                                         03:05-4:00 
Hope Cladwell
Amber Lambie
Elli Livingston
Taylor Marshall
Chloe Miller
Kate Miller
Tara Morris 
Follow Your Heart (dialogue and vocals) and I See a River
 01:15-01:44/3:05-4:00                                        00:06-01:05 
Penelope Pennywise
Emma Leone
Alena Magsi
Caroline Pennington
Grace Saville
Maddie Sisson
Hannah Turner
Amanda White 
It's a Privilege to Pee 
Mr. Cladwell
Jarrod Bock
Jacob Littman
Nick Trusty 
Don't Be the Bunny 
Allie Anderson
 Eddie Arthur
Jarrod Bock
Jai-Lani Walker 
Cop Song