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2015 Summer Assignments
 All HHS summer assignments are designed to give students a breath of curriculum in the upcoming course. Completing the assignment in the summer is optional, for this exact assignment will be completed within the first two weeks of school.
Each summer assignment has a folder on, a popular website for submitting work. Here are instructions for how to upload assignments to  Turnitin Directions
                     English 9 Honors Summer Assignment 
          Reading Passage:
Bryson's A Walk in the Woods Excerpt (Right click and hit "Rotate clockwise" to turn the text upright.)
                      English 10 Honors Summer Assignment
           Reading Passage:
          Supplementary Materials: 
Reading Passages:
Supplementary Materials: 
               DE Synthesis PowerPoint Notes 
                Technology Synthesis Sample Essays
                Video Explaining Synthesis Writing 
              AP Literature Summer Assignment(English 12)
Reading Passage:
Foster's Passages (Right click and hit "Rotate clockwise" to turn the text upright.)
Supplementary Materials: 
AP Literary Terms