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Michael Lo Presti, Chair
President, Presti & Company
Donna Fortier, Vice-Chair
Mobile Hope
Al Nielsen, Vice Chair
Karen Russell, Secretary
Every Citizen Has Opportunities
(ECHO), Inc.
Dennis Hanrahan
Loudoun Credit Union
Sarah Lieu
Apple Federal Credit Unrion
Cynthia "Cheryl" Marin,
Lockheed Martin IS & GS
Jennifer Bergel
School Board Member
Eric Williams Ed.D.
Marantha D. Edwards
Leesburg- Economic Development
Melvin Greer
Greer Institute
Paula Harper
George Washington University
Matthew Kemmerer
The Boeing Company
Mike Taylor
Community Church 
Wayde B. Byard
LCPS Staff
Public Information
Shirley L. Bazdar
LCPS Staff
Dir., Career and Technical & Adult Ed.
Cara L. LeGrys
LCPS Staff
Sup., Career and Technical Ed
Last Modified on August 19, 2014