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We have some wonderful programs sponsored by the library!
Please visit us in the library for details. Coming soon:
Book Club Meetings          April 11th, May 9th
Book Club Field Trips!       May 28th
Writing Club Meetings      April 23rd, May 14th
Discovery Club (New!)      April 24th (Animals),  May 15th (Lasers & Computers)
Discovery Club Field Trips!      April 25th  (Leesburg Animal Park)
Garden Club Meetings      May 6th, 13th, 20th
Culture Club Meetings      April 30th (Belize), May 30th (Nepal)
Anime/Art Club meets in Mr. Fournier's room
Craft Club meets in the conference room off the foyer on Tuesdays--see Ms. Lough
Guitar Club meets in Room 216 every other Thursday--see Mr. Covel
Chess Club meets in the foyer daily at lunch--see Mr. Kitchen & Mr. Fournier
Last Modified on June 9, 2014