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A1 Steak Saucy Boy II A but not II B RIP to all but block three Act V, Scene B Thee Thuper Theven
                                                               Have a wonderful summer break!                                                  
Cooperative Learning Team Winners
A1    The Poetic Playwrights
A2    Three Times A Charm            
A3    Montague Madness 
B5    Where Four Art Thou Romeo?
B7    To "V" or not to "V"

Personal Anthology Project
Any student who did not receive his/her personal anthology and grade comment sheet may pick it up from school on Tuesday, June 17th.   Any projects that are not picked up will either be mailed home or stored in my classroom over the summer.
Contact Information
Mrs. Evans can be reached by emailing or by calling the school at 571.252.2300.
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