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Mrs. Martinez has been teaching mathematics for twenty-six years.  Twelve of those years were in  Texas and the last fourteen  have been here at Seneca Ridge. She has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in English from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  Mrs. Martinez is married and has a son who is a senior at Potomac Falls High School.
 She currently teaches Geometry and Algebra.
After school help is available every Mon-Wed with either Mrs. Martinez (Wednesday), Ms. White (Tuesday), or Ms. Whitesides (Monday).
Students may stay after on any of these days with any of the teachers, but must bring a note of permission from a parent or email the teacher. 
NOTE:  This year Mrs. Martinez is teaching all Geometry sections.  If you have a student who is in Geometry and wants to stay after school, he/she  should try to come on Wednesday.  Although both Mrs. White and Mrs.Whitesides have taught Geometry previously and can be of some help , they currently are not teaching the course and will not be aware of what is going on in the class on a daily basis.