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Mrs. Martinez has been teaching mathematics for twenty-five years.  Twelve of those years were in  Texas and the last thirteen  have been here at Seneca Ridge. She has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in English from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  Mrs. Martinez is married and has a son who is a junior at Potomac Falls High School.
 She currently teaches Geometry and Algebra.
After school help is available every Mon-Wed with either Mrs. Martinez, Ms. White, or Ms. Whitesides.
Students may stay after on any of these days with any of the teachers, but must bring a note of permission from a parent. 
** For Algebra and Geometry: How to check answers using the online textbook **
Once you have the textbook "open", type SA1 in the page number box located at the upper right corner of the view window, then press Enter.  This will take you to the first page of the online answer section of the textbook.  Use the arrow located to the right of the page number box to move through the pages until you find the section of the answer key that you need.