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After school help is available on Mondays with Mrs. Kim, Tuesdays with Mrs. Oakes, and Wednesday with Mrs. Cripps. All three teachers support all math students. You must have written permission to stay after school.

Mrs. Cripps, formerly Ms. Ping, has been teaching at Seneca Ridge going on 15 years now.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle School Education from East Carolina University.  She currently teaches Math 6 and Accelerated Math 6/7.  Prior to teaching at Seneca, Mrs. Cripps taught a combination 3rd/4th/5th math and science classes at Chesterbrook Academy, as well as, pre-school at Chesterbrook Academy.

Mrs. Cripps enjoys spending time with her son(8), daughter(5) and husband. I also enjoy running!

 Contact Information
phone: (571)434-4420
Homework is always subject to change.  Please check students agenda for the latest homework information. 
A student’s grade is based on what has been learned or mastered during the marking period.  The grade will reflect a student’s performance.  These are assessments that demonstrate a student’s mastery of the class content. 
Class Expectations:
  • Be on time and prepared(Math notebook, pencil, paper, agenda, textbook and homework)
  • Have homework completed and begin warm up at the start of class
  • ALWAYS show your work! I cannot read minds.
  • Parent's signature is required on all assessments .