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"Great question!"  

 Science rocks!!!     Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year.    


We study the natural world, both Life Sciences for 7th grade classes and many sciences except life sciences for the 6th graders I will be teaching.  We try to use the process of science.   This process lets us ask and sometimes answer questions about the fascinating natural world around us.  The key thing is to do so with a zest that can stay with us for as long as we live.  Both the study and zest for learning ideally extends beyond the student and teacher.  For we are a community of learners sharing both in the wonders of the natural world and the lerning struggles and joys.   Yes, there will be struggles.  When we learn something cool about the natural world, it's great to pay it forward by sharing that learning with others.  Parents, sometimes you might be the partner in that sharing process; I hope that your doing so gives you a better appreciation both of the natural world and of your child.

This year, students (and I) will be trying something new - hydroponics - where water (hydro) does the work (ponics).  It's cool, but frustrating, too.  It will take lots of figuring out how to do things;students and I will have to be really engaged, work as a partnership, in order to achieve both educational and agricultural success.  I will make and post a whole separate page on hydroponics, once I get enough time to do that. (ha!)  No, really, I will.

Students (and parents), I am usually in well before the start of school, and 7:45 is a good time to meet.  email appreciated beforehand in case it's a rare day when that won't work.  Including the last Friday before Labor Day, if you think it would be productive to share information, concerns, etc.