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Gala de La Lengua 2013  Gala de la Lengua 2013
1er lugar-1st place deletreo-Spelling - Naidh López
2do lugar-2nd place Poesía- Poetry- Bryan Rodríguez
3er lugar -3rd place cuento Short Story- Naidh López 
We also got a really nice representation from- Lina Alvarado and Kaylin González (Spelling) Bryan Rodríguez

 Práctica de ortografía
 9. October - CPA Practice 
11. Vocabulary 1B
12. Vocabulary 2A  
13. Midterm Study guide Audio Midterm study guide
14. (optional Midterm vocabulary review)
16. ar verbs ->    
17. Vocabulary 3A->  

18-er- ir verbs -  

 Video er Sr Jordan

 19 - Vocabulary 3b-
20. e-ie verbs- shoe verbs
21.  Present progressive in Spanish
22. ue verbs- shoe verbs
23. e-i verbs shoe verbs
26. Verbs e:i review 
27.  En la casa 
29. La familia y la fiesta 
Sra. Perez

· I'm form Ponce, Puerto Rico. I have lived in Virginia since 2007.

· I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico and majored in  Education in Spanish . I am currently working on my Master's degree at Caribbean University.
· My first year teaching was at Nicolas' Sevilla High School in 2000. In 2007 I accepted a position as teacher at  Heritage High School. I teach all sections of Spanish Spelling,
Language, Writing, and
Gala 2012
 Gala 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Guía de Midterm de la Sra. Pérez


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