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Ronald C. Stocking

Technology Education

Seneca Ridge Middle School




 I  graduated from Fairmont State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis on printing and drafting.  I  received a Masters of Science degree in Occupational Teacher Education from the University of Delaware, 1976, as well as, an Education Specialist Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of Virginia, 2000. 


My hobbies include golf, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and all sports. I have three children,  Ryan, Jonathan, and Nicole.  I  love chocolate ice cream, M&M’s, Reese’s cups and Hershey candy bars!
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Planning Times:
A Day - 1:53 - 3:18
B Day - 1:53 - 3:18


Last Modified on August 23, 2012