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 English Teacher

 Educational Affiliations
 George Mason University
 Indiana University East
 Longwood University 
Mrs. Throckmorton got married this summer and is no longer Ms. Mizerak. She has completed her third year in Loudoun County Public Schools, and she will be teaching twelfth grade English/Language Arts this year. She is a Loudoun County native from Round Hill, Virginia and she graduated from Loudoun Valley High School. Mrs. Throckmorton earned her Bachelor's of Art degree from Longwood University. She majored in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. While at Longwood University, Mrs. Throckmorton helped to organize numerous Student Leadership Conferences and she presented a paper at the Undergraduate Medieval Conference. Mrs. Throckmorton is currently working towards her Masters of English in Literature degree from George Mason University and a Graduate Certificate from Indiana University East.

 Course Information
English 12
A1- English 12
B5- English 12
A2- English 12 B6- English 12
A3- Planning B7- English 12
A4- Common Planning B8- RWC
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Current Grades
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 ExtraCurricular Positions
 Co-Sponsor of Bowling Club  Co-Sponsor of Academic Club
 Co-Sponsor of Gay-Straight Alliance  
 Contact Information
520 Evergreen Mills Road SE Leesburg, VA 20175