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 M.H. Cary, Dean for the Class of 2019
     As dean for the class of 2019 I am fortunate to have a position where I wear many hats.  I am a teacher, an advocate, a coach, an advisor, a tutor, a mom, a humorist, a peace officer, a negotiator, a detective, a conductor, a change agent, a sympathizer and a loudspeaker.  In my daily encounters with students I model and coach the common ideas, expectations and language of our Positive Behavorial Interventions & Supports program (PBIS). I am convinced that instilling the characteristic of respect- of others, property and self in our students will give them the basis for building an academically successful school career and a rewarding life.
     The students will continue to use the three P"s: Prompt, Prepared, and Polite but they have been linked to our PBIS terms: Be There, Be Ready, Be Kind.  This is a theme that the counselor and I introduced to the students during their sixth grade year at HPMS. We will continue this theme throughout our journey with this class.  There are many aspects that are a part of each one of these positive behavior skills.  Upon inspection you will find that the three areas fall under the afore mentioned character trait- respect.  
     "We Are Harper Park" is our major, over-riding theme for the 2012-2013 school year.  Each student will be supported and coached to participate and function appropriately as an Individual but also as a  valued team member of the Harper Park family. They will learn the culture and climate that makes HPMS unique and outstanding with regards to fulfilliing educational goals. We know that each individual student has the potential to accomplish great things.  At the same time, we want to show them that it is possible to acheive even more when we know how to work and identify as a team member. Teachers will develop action plans, assist students in developing and setting attainable goals and guide them to gaining successful team and individual outcomes. 

     This is an exciting year to be at Harper Park!  As we celebrate our uniqueness, as it pertains to our connection to the who and what we are, we invite you to join us often and to participate in the various activities we have scheduled throughout the calendar year.  Don't hesitate to stop by, call me or just drop me a line.
     Welcome to all of our new students and their families. I am looking forward to contining the strong connections I have built with students, parents and the community as well.  My door is always open and everyone is always welcome.  Hope to see you soon!
My Background:
• Graduate of Georgia Southern University (B.S. ED) &
    Shenandoah University (M.S.ED)
*  21 years in the classroom (Special Education/Regular  
*  13 years in administration
*  Hobbies include: reading, cooking, and collecting
   apple artifacts
*  Married 34 years, two adult daughters, both with careers in education
*  1 dog, a Chihuahua                                              Mrs Cary
Contact me any time at the above address.
Last Modified on September 10, 2013