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Potomac Falls Ultimate Frisbee Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club is currently inactive...but will restart as soon as student leadership is secured.  Stay tuned
"Top Ten Things to Know about Ultimate Frisbee Club"

   1. What's Ultimate Frisbee About?:

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is for ANY PFHS student.  You can join at ANY TIME during the school year (as long as you pay your dues).  We know that you're involved in lots of activites, so feel free to attend whatever practices/games you can during the year...your place on the roster is secure.

   2. What are practices like?

Ultimate Frisbee Club is all about exposing students of all ability and interest levels to the world of Ultimate Frisbee.  Whether you're an avid player or have never seen a frisbee before in your life, you are equally welcome.  Part of each practice is devoted to skills development, so players of all levels can improve together.  The remainder of each practice session is devoted to testing those skills in actual games.

   3. When does the club meet?

Practice times have not yet been set for 2015-16 school year.

   4. Where are practices held?

Ultimate Frisbee is not a VHSL sport, which means that we rarely have access to school fields.  As such, we practice wherever we can.  Most practices are held at either River Bend MS or open fields in places like Algonkian Park.

   5. What do I need for practice?

 Comfortable athletic shoes (non-metal cleats are helpful), weather-appropriate practice clothing (expect to get muddy/grass-stained), and your own water.

   6. Who sponsors the Ultimate Frisbee Club?

Currently, Mr. Ackerman and Mr. Shangraw co-sponsor this club.  Additional adult sponsors/volunteers are always welcome.

   7. Who are the student officers of the club?

President -

Vice President -
    8. Where can I learn more about the Ultimate Frisbee Club?
Check out the Facebook page: PF Ultimate Frisbee Club
   9. Who can I contact for more information?
Sponsor - Jon Ackerman (
   10. How will I get updates about the club once I join?
Provide your cell phone number when you join the club.  Text updates will be sent out prior to practice with time and location information.  There will also be notices about informal weekend get-togethers.