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Department Chair

English 9

Eddie Rodriguez

English 10, English 11

Louise Mann

English 12,CreativeWriting

AP Language, English 11


Jennifer Sloop

English 10

Karrie Rinder

AP Language, English 10

Nicole Rubloff

English 9

English 9


Mitchell Schwartz

English 10, Journalism, Newspaper, Photo Journalism

Katie Wilson

English 12

Parru Yousefzdeh

English 11


Kimberly Borkert

English 10

Amy Secrest

English 9

Welcome to the Dominion High School English Department
The DHS English Department is committed to offering the highest quality instruction in reading, writing and literature for each and every student at Dominion High School.
         Did you read this summer? We hope so, and if you did, you can get extra credit for two of your favorite summer readings. Please download the activity from the LCPS homepage.
Juniors will be participating in SOL Benchmark Testing program. Students should consult their English teachers for assistance preparing for the state assessment.
        The Virginia SOL Writing Test is scheduled for March 2014.
        The Virginia Reading SOL Test is scheduled for May 2014.
                                      Need help in English?
Homework Clubs are available for every grade level Monday through Thursday. Please see your English teacher for details.