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Michael Roush

Department:World Languages
A Day:1st Block-Planning
           2nd Block-Span. 3 Room 131 
           3rd Block-Study Hall Auditorium 
           4th Block-Span. 2 Room 122 
B Day: 5th Block-Span. 3  Room 134
           6th Block-Planning  
           7th Block-Span. 2 Room 126   
           8th Block-Span. 2 Room 130   

This is my third year at Broad Run, though I have been teaching in Loudoun County for many years. 

Other Information:

Guidelines for Mr. Roush’s Spanish Classes

You always need your book.

You always need a pencil and paper.


The following link will take you to the website to download Workbook pages that we will use extensively in class-

You need a notebook for journal entries and notes.
You never chew gum nor eat in my classroom.
Do not plan on using your cell phone-if you do and I catch you, and I will, I will take it and turn it in to the office at my convenience.
You are tardy if you are not in the door when the bell stops ringing.
You are to try on every assignment.
Intolerance of others when they are trying to learn will not be tolerated.
You must speak Spanish. If you want to just speak English, take another English class!
Your grade is based upon your performance in class, as well as, on homework, oral and written projects, tests and quizzes, and not on whether I like you or not.
There are no extra credit assignments-I do offer bonuses on most quizzes and tests based upon information we talk about in class.
All LCPS rules will be enforced, as well as those of Broad Run High School, regarding appropriate attire, language, and behavior.